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Typical Week & Price

You made it to the Arctic !

Welcome and lets start your Expedition

Life in the Arctic Circle by Antoine Janssens done in Seglvik December 2019

As the night is longer throughout the season, or because of weather conditions, time schedules can vary. But on a good day in November for example, this could be your typical program for one week:

orca surfing in a wave full speed life time


Arrival at Tromsø airport you will go to the ferry station (by taxi 10mn). The fast Liner, direction the “North” to Skjervoy, will be leaving at 16:00 0 so don’t be late!

Less than 3 hours of cruising you will swap ferry in Skjervoy on the same quay. Your final ferry will cruise 40mn North of Kvanaegen Fjord to Seglvik.

Ferries in Norway are like public bus transportation elsewhere.

Our crew & dogs will be welcoming you and help you get settled in your cabin.

DAY 2 (Saturday)

Good morning! Finally you can discover your surrounding!

7:30 am: Your day will start with a hearty breakfast taken in common at the “whale house”

You will have a detailed briefing before your first day at sea, concerning safety, equipment, behavior on the boats, respect of sea environment and animals…

You will also get all your equipment such as thermal survival overall (Fladen) and for those who are thrilled to snorkel all the necessary gear and wet suit. We have some special boots and fishing gloves you can buy from us if you do not have any


When everybody is ready, all set and geared up, let’s meet on board!

As soon as we leave the harbor everybody is on duty to help spotting blows, fins or seagull gatherings giving us an indication where the whales are.

We will be avoiding the “busy” areas in respect of the whales…

When we spot them, your captain will approach slowly and sideways never from the front or rear. He will judge from their behavior and weather conditions if he allows you to go in the water.

Onboard we will have hot soup so as to keep you warm, a sandwich, cookie or cake and tea.

We will head home at around 3pm or maybe before depending on the weather conditions

After a good warm shower, you will be asked to be responsible to rinse and let dry your equipment.

At the Whale house fresh cake or waffles will be served and you can enjoy your free time by using all the games at your disposal or sauna, jacuzzi..

Before dinner, a conference will be held about orcas and humpback whales prepared by our friends of Norwegian Orca Survey. And of course, every day you can share experiences with our “crew” or fellow guests.

Bar is open at 6pm in the Lavvu (Big tent)

Dinner will be served for everybody in the Lavvu around 7:30 pm

Northern lights forecast will be checked and time to go to bed

diver pointer with orca fin in fjord norway arctic valhalla expedition
killerwhale with white tailed eagle flying above in fjord wildlife

DAY 3 (Sunday) to DAY 7 (Thursday)

7:30 am Breakfast

9:00 am Meeting at the Boat

3:00 pm Back to Harbour

4:00 pm Snack time

7:30 pm Dinner

Special events will take place during your stay…but sshhh.. let’s not spoil the surprise!

DAY 8 (Friday)

7:30 am Breakfast

9:00 am Meeting at the Boat

We will be heading back to the harbor earlier for you to prepare and pack up.

We kindly ask you to check out your room before 4 pm and prepare your luggages outside for pick up.

Time to say goodbye and enjoy our last moments together…

18:00 pm Ferry departure from Seglvik

18:45 pm Arrival at Skjervoy. You will be able to wait for your next ferry in a small café near the station.

19:00 pm Ferry heading to Tromso

21:15 pm Tromso

killerwhales in waves with a snorkeler with scenery

Season 2023-2024 :


26th JANUARY 2024

close up orca with diver in arctic in norway

Price 1-week Expedition

7 Nights & 7 Tours at Sea

Dates available:




4350€ per person all included: equipment & snorkeling gear, meals, accommodation and tours except transport to the island and alcohol.

humpback whale swimming in the fjords towards a sparkler red tuba

Price 4 Nights & 4 Tours at Sea

You will be leaving Friday tromso by ferry at 16:00and back Tuesday in tromso by ferry at 21:15

Available :

22-26 Dec

12-16 Jan

19-23 Jan

2520€ per person all included: equipment & snorkel gear, meals, accommodation and sea tours except transport to the island and alcohol.

Price 3 Nights & 3 Tours at Sea

The bus leaves at 9am from tromso on Tuesday and you will be back by ferry on Friday at 21:15 in tromso

Dates :

19/22 Dec

26/29 Dec

2/5 Dec

9/12 Jan

16/19 Jan

1890€ € per person all included: equipment & snorkel gear, meals, accommodation and sea tours except transport to the island and alcohol.

Sharing your moment all together or willing privacy onboard…. All can be done at your convenience. Price on request.