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About Us


Our Valhalla is as majestic as the great Hall in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin.

It is our Viking paradise called Seglvik. Brave warriors will fight the extreme conditions of the Arctic to meet the peaceful creatures of the Fjords under Freyja’s protection, daughter of Njord, the God of navigation!


rodolphe julie orca


Photographer / Guide

I am Rodolphe’s wife and in love with orcas just the same… Working also in the yachting industry as charter broker I am strong hospitality service oriented. I will be on-board helping for safety and spotting the blows of the whales. I have been also working for the same whale watching company in Norway as a guide with Rodolphe for two winter seasons. I also have all certifications to take you to sea but I prefer taking photos

rodolphe musher



I have been working as a yacht captain  for 10 years, cruising around the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas for charter guests. Passionated about orcas since my childhood I travelled several times to Vancouver Island approaching them by Kayak. With my experience and the respect I have for these animals, I will approach the whales in the best secure and respectful way and will always try to give you the best opportunities to photograph or dive with them if the conditions allow it.



Valkyrie in Valhalla

I will be watching you from The Valhalla

I was a beautiful black & white dog from Spain and followed my two friends in all their adventure trips in Norway.  I left a paw print in a lot of hearts but now resting in Seglvik and running after bones in Valhalla..



Chief engineer

I am a Border Collie of 3 years old and in charge of the ATV fleet by testing their speed by running faster than them 😛

Im a little shy but for sure you will be stunned by my green eyes !



Deck Puppy

New crew member I am a Deck puppy but also called the Veloci -Border as I like chewing on boots or what I find! I am still training to be as educated as my brother :-p But I love cuddles and especially butt scratches !

Some mythology and legend around the name we have chosen for our boats

Valhalla, the resplendent hall of the god Odin, for the Norse people, was the paradise of the proud warriors slain gloriously in battle.

The beautiful Valkyries, emissaries of the God Odin, chose those who conducted themselves with bravery and honor to take a seat at the table among the 12 Gods of Asgard, feasting on wild boars and mead until the next day’s battles.

The goddess Freya is said to welcome the best warriors into her hall.

Legend says that when Odr, her husband, was away for a long time, she would cry tears of gold that turned to amber as they fell into the sea!

Valklimt is to always have our latest puppy close to us

DSC_9426_DxO – copie

Valeska & Valklimt & Valkyria

Highfield Patrol 860

We are brand new Highfield Patrol 860 and were basically born to handle any sea conditions ! We have 2 x 225 hp Yamaha outboard engines which allow us to have a top speed 57 knots but we keep our horses calm as we have whales around 🙂 Our brand new engines are more silent than the old generation.
We have 8 single jockey seats, one seat infant of the console and 2 on the back bench.

We are carrying a lot of equipment for navigation and safety

  • Radar
  • Chart Plotter (with a 3D downvision)
  • Search Light
  • VHF, Emergency VHF
  • Rescue sling and stretcher for Man Over Board

  • Swimm ladder and rescue swim ladder
  • Life raft
  • All life-jackets, flares and all SOLAS gears
  • 1 Search And Rescue Transponder (SART)
  • 1 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon by satellite (EPIRB)